Personal Effects

& Quarantine

Quarantine in Australia protects our community and local agricultural industry by preventing all kinds of disease, pests and unwanted plant material from entering our country. Because Australia is an Island country many of the world’s devastating pests and diseases have not yet gained a foothold.

When your goods enter Australia, Quarantine will treat your consignment as a high risk. For this reason 100% of all personal effects are subject to mandatory Quarantine Inspection.

Quarantine will check for live insects such as spiders and borer insects as well as soil and dirt contamination. The soil on a simple pair of sneakers may contain bacteria or disease which could wipe out Australian Crops.

A representative of Australian Customs Professionals will be present during the entire inspection process to provide labour . Your goods are treated and handled with care as they are unpacked, inspected and repacked in the presence of an Australian Quarantine Inspection Services officer.

Any goods which fail Quarantine inspection will be seized. Your file manager will contact you in this regard to provide all options offered by the inspecting officer. These may include but not be limited by:

  • Quarantine Cleaning on an approved Quarantine washpad
  • Disinfection Treatments
  • Fumigation (Methyl Bromide, Ethylene Oxide ect)
  • Gamma Irradiation
  • Destruction

Quarantine and the approved facilities for carrying out the above treatments all charge for these services. The cost varies depending on the treatment and size.