Personal Effects

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Whether your thinking of moving overseas or have freight arriving in the country, Australian Customs Professionals can help you.

The process to CLEAR your personal effects has 3 Major components:

1. Clearing your Goods through Customs.
2. Clearing your Goods through Quarantine.
3. The physical handling and movement of your personal property.

We have licensed Customs Brokers in-house who can advise on and handle any Customs issues. Our staff have extensive Quarantine training and are certified at the highest levels.

The shipping of your personal property does not have to be a stressful process. If you receive the correct advice you can save yourself both time and cost. What does your quote include? What extra costs are there on arrival? What is excluded? Who is responsible?

Please contact one of our trained staff who will be happy to provide your family with the right information and peace of mind.